This process is especially for mass production or continuous production of tubes, rods, and profiles. A fiber beam (carbon or glass) impregnated of epoxy resin is pulled through in a heating die. It’s continuous firing and curing process (m/mn).

Tubes are products in 2, 4 or 6 m (cutting length possibility) with a diameter between 3 and 80 mm (tol 1.5 % of diameter).
This technology allow to responds to mass production thanks to a competitive price.

MATEDUC Composite has chosen to propose a maximum pullwinding tubes with fiber angles of 45°, 37° and 80°. In fact, pullwinding tubes include 100% of unidirectional fiber (0°), this process allow to optimize bending stress and traction stress, but they are fragile in crushing context and can bucking in compression. This process strengthen the tube and increase it's mechanical stress.




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